Balance Responsibility Agreement

The imbalance settlement is carried out according to Electricity Balancin Rules.


Pursuant to the Rules on Licenses for Performing Energy Activity and on Managing the Register of Issued and Revoked Licenses (Official Gazette no. 120/12, 14/14 i 95/15) Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency shall issue licences to preform energy activities.

Having obtained the license the suppliers, electricity producers and traders shall conclude the Balance Responsibility Agreement whereby they obtain a status of a Balance Responsible Manager on the Croatian electricity market.


As provided for in the Rules for organizing electricity market number and type of members within a balancing group are not limited, and it may consist of one or more market participants one of which is the balancing group manager.


Balance responsibility agreement regulates the responsibility of the balancing group manager for imbalances of all members of the balancing group.


The procedure for concluding the Balance Responsibility Agreement:


  1. BGM submits fulfilled Application for concluding Balance Responsibility Agreement. Upon reception of request HOPS checks the accuracy of given data and submitted attachments
  2. Based on data given in the Application HOPS fills out the Balance Responsibility Agreement form, calculates the amount of payment insurance, and forwards the documents to BGM  for signing. The payment insurance instrument shall be one indicated by BGM in the Application referred to above and to the amount calculated by HOPS. If bank guarantee is chosen as payment insurance instrument, the appropriate bank guarantee form shall be used.
  3. The Application form with the required attachments and signed Balance Responsibility Agreement shall be sent to the following address:
    Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.o.o., Kupska 4, 10 000 Zagreb


All communications and inquiries should be sent here.


For all categories of customers who do not have the ability to measure and store hourly values of electricity consumption, Load profile diagrams (NKO) (available only in Croatian language) issued by HEP Distribution System Operator (HEP ODS) are used for the purpose of the balancing energy settlement.

According to the Methodology for determination of prices for balancing energy settlement for the balance responsible parties (available only in Croatian language) CROATIAN ENERGY MARKET OPERATOR Ltd. (HROTE) publishes referent prices of balancing energy for the balancing energy settlement.


Referent prices of balancing energy are available on the HROTE  internet page here.



Note: All forms in English are non-binding unofficial translations (In case of discrepancies between Croatian text and English text, the Croatian text shall prevail)