Balancing Service Agreement

In accordance to Electricity Balancing Rules, in order to maintain the balance of the system, HOPS ensures the electricity on the market principles by concluding the Balancing Service Agreement with the Market Participants which have concluded Electricity Market Participation Agreement with the Croatian Energy Market Operator i.e. by purchasing the electricity between HOPS and Market Participant.


The procedure for concluding the Balancing Service Agreement:


  • Market Participant submits fulfilled Application for concluding Balancing Service Agreement. Upon reception of Application for concluding Balancing Service Agreement, HOPS checks the accuracy of given data and submitted attachments.
  • Based on data given in the Application HOPS fills out the Application for concluding Balancing Service Agreement. and forwards the documents to Market Participant for signing.
  • Five (5) copies of signed Balancing Service Agreement shall be sent to the following address: Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.o.o., Kupska 4, 10 000 Zagreb. When sending bank guarantee as payment insurance instrument, the appropriate Bank Guarantee Form  shall be used.

All communications and inquiries should be sent here.


Agreement on the Provision of Balancing Service is carried out in accordance to Grid CodeElectricity Market RulesAmendments to Electricity Market RulesElectricity Balancing Rules and Rules on Use of Cross-Border Transmission Capacities.