Croatian Power System

The Croatian power system comprises plants and facilities for electricity production, transmission and distribution in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. For the security reasons, quality of supply and exchange of electricity, the Croatian power system is interconnected with the systems of neighboring countries and together with them it is connected into the  synchronous network of continental Europe. Customers in Croatia are supplied with electricity from power plants in Croatia, from power plants built in neighboring countries for Croatia’s needs and with electricity procured from abroad.

By its size, the Croatian power system is one of the smallest power systems in Europe. Due to its geographical position and location of generating plants, electricity is transported for most of the year from the south to the north and vice versa, and from the north toward the east.

By putting into operation the newly constructed 400/220/110 kV Žerjavinec substation and the reconstructed 400/110 kV Ernestinovo substation, transmission capacity, security and reliability of the power system  have significantly increased, especially in its northwestern and eastern parts.

By reconnecting the UCTE synchronous zones 1 and 2, the Croatian power system has become a transit system again.

The Croatian power system is a control area by HOPS. Together with the Slovenian power system and the power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina it constitutes the control block SLO – HR – BIH within the ENTSO-E association.