HR-SI and HR-HU border

On the croatian-slovenian and croatian-hungarian border two auction offices carry out auctions:

JAO (Joint Allocation Office S.A.), as auction office carries out:


- Yearly and monthly coordinated auctions on HR – HU and HR – SI border in accordance with

and daily auctions in accordance with

ELES (ELES, d.o.o. sistemski operater prenosnega elektroenergetskega omrežja), as auction office carries out:
- Intra-Day allocation for both directions in accordance with

HOPS (Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.o.o.), as auction office carries out:

- Intraday allocation in both directions in accordance with 

Conditions for Participation in Auctions carried out by HOPS

Each natural or legal person, energy entity can participate in the transmission capacities allocation procedure, if it has previously submitted data and documents prescribed by the Application for participation in cross-border transmission capacities allocation, as follows:

Two (2) copies of filled and signed forms are delivered to the following address:
Hrvatski operator prijenosnog sustava d.o.o.
Sektor za ekonomske, pravne, kadrovske i opće poslove
Kupska 4, 10000 Zagreb